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Mr Thumm is an engineer, entrepreneur and businessman with over 40 years of experience in new product development and in driving early-stage businesses to commercialization. Most of his work has been the design, development and manufacturing of medical devices, medical equipment, chemical sensing and controls for chemical processing. Mr Thumm holds BSEE and MBA degrees and has seven patents granted in communications, non-linear sensors, and chemical processing. He is the inventor and patent holder for hydraulically-driven, intense-energy, in-line chemical mixer-reactors and for continuous-energy, particle-reduction processors.

Leading DukeDevice and it’s predecessor Duke-River Engineering, Mr Thumm has worked with over 30 early-stage companies and is a founder of three technology-based ventures. In collaboration with research doctors, PhD chemists and industrial R&D, Mr Thumm’s companies have developed bio-instrumentation solutions for chemical sensing platforms, microfluidic-slide HIV detectors, and for testing multichannel, combinatorial-chemistry, microfluidic disks. Mr Thumm has developed medical instrumentation and equipment for applications such as cardiac output measurement, medical thermal therapy, medical laser therapy, medical laser surgery, and wireless/wearable ECG. His medical device experience includes review and development roles for Class III implantables and in the test and compliance of cardiac life-support equipment.

As an advocate for early-stage business, Mr Thumm is on the Advisory Board for Mansfield Bio-Incubator and is a Mentor in the Bio-Incubator’s Professional Mentoring Program. Mr Thumm is a past Steering Committee member for TSB Incubator in Hopkinton.

Mr Thumm’s DukeDevice company offers technical and business development services for early stage companies. The technical services include technical feasibility assessment, product design/development/prototyping, and testing to standards such as 60601, 61010, and 60825. Business development services include product/market feasibility assessment, planning/staffing, project/program management, revenue projections and pro-forma financials.

Mr Thumm’s current early-stage work includes running a small team in developing a highly secure and robust data-to-cloud solution for remote monitoring and control applications. The developed product includes wireless connectivity for distributed sensor-data-control nodes, hi-reliability web data channel connectivity, rapid web control response, proprietary Tunnel-Layer Security and solar-storage power solutions for the most remote installations. The potential applications cover the range of process monitoring and control needs including chemical/bio/pharma processing, agricultural data and control intervention, and manufacturing/transport/storage.

Jeffrey R. Thumm

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